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Soap Care: Taking Care of Your Favourite Soaps

You love your all-natural bar soaps, right? You love the ingredients you know, understand, and trust; you love that instead of stripping your skin and disrupting your skin's fragile moisture barrier, they leave your skin feeling hydrated and protected; you love that there's so much less packaging and it's better for the environment than collecting bottles of product!


How do you protect your soap so it lasts? How do you prevent it from turning into a squishy, hard-to-use mess? How do you use those teenie-tiny pieces when a bar comes to the end of its life? My friends, I have some solutions for you!

First up, our Solid Cedar Soap Dishes! Whether you're using your soaps by the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, or in the shower it's important to store your soap bar out of the water between uses to prevent it from getting mushy. There is a reason bar soap, ALL bar soap, becomes soft when they sit in even a little bit of water between uses; water is necessary for us to be able to pull the little bit of product we need off of the bar to then lather on our skin. When a bar sits in a little water and softens, it leads to us using more product than we actually need which then results in product waste. No one wants that, right?

Accidentally leave your soap in water, and now it's gone soft? Don't worry about it! Just set your bar somewhere dry to allow it to completely dry out before you use it again.

Next, using a soap bag is a great option in the shower to make sure you're making the most of your soaps! Use with a brand new, full bar OR use it to collect and use up all the small pieces that are too small to use by themselves. Personally, I prefer the second option to prevent wasted product. Just like with your full soap bars, you want to make sure you keep your soap bag in a dry place between uses so the bag and soap inside

dries out.

Finally, we have our natural loofah sponges; these sponges are another awesome way to reduce product over-use so that your soaps last longer. Using a loofah sponge, a little goes a long way, creating a light, fluffy lather without needing to use too much.

And there you have it! These are some super simple ways to take care of your soaps and reduce product waste. To check out any of the products listed in this post, either click on the underlined hyper links or click the "Shop Now" button below to be taken to our Accessories page.

Talk soon!

- Chelsey


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