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The Ingredient Series: Sweat

So, what's the deal with sweat?

Sweat is the natural mechanism for cooling our overheating bodies - overheating is dangerous, so sweating is a good thing. Sweat is 99% water and trace amounts of electrolytes, pheromones and toxins. It is naturally odourless, however, when it mixes with the bacteria that thrives in the dark, damp areas known as our armpits the resulting odours are often less than desirable.

The body is naturally covered and filled with bacteria. Many naturally occurring bacteria serve an important purpose! For example, the stomach is full of healthy bacteria that are vital for healthy digestion and immune function. It has been suggested by some experts on the topic, like Dr. Joseph Mercola who is often cited in this subject, that what goes into your body impacts what comes out. This means that when the body removes toxins through sweat and comes into contact with the bacteria present in the armpits, the result is the undesirable odour most of us are using deodorant to avoid.


Antiperspirants work to block the sweat glands, typically with ingredients containing aluminum. There have been some health concerns over recent years as to the safety of too much aluminum in our bodies. For this reason, many have been delving into the world of natural deodorants. Deodorants protect us from embarrassing armpit odours, while keeping our skin soft and healthy.


At Shey and Lyna Naturals we’ve created 2 very different formulas that really work. The key ingredient in both formulas is zinc ricinoleate. Obtained from castor oil, it works to trap and absorb odour molecules in perspiration without interfering with the natural floral of the skin. Magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder and kaolin clay act as moisture-absorbing agents. We then chose the best skin-loving ingredients we could find to ensure those pits remain soft and supple, and still other ingredients were added to ensure a creamy end product with plenty of slip.

Want to learn more about the individual main ingredients in our deodorants, and why we use them? Check out this post here for more info:


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