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Wanting to make the switch from bottled soap and plastic loofahs, but not sure how to go about it?

These all-natural fibre soap bags are the perfect option to make making that switch easy! They give you a better grip on your bar soap, and promote a longer lifespan for the bar by producing a full, fluffy lather while using less product.


Made in Canada by a zero-waste business run and built by women, Plantish, these beautiful soap nets are an affordable, eco-friendly option.


To use:

  • Pop your bar into the soap bag and pull the draw string to close;
  • Wet and scrub the bag with your hand to start your lather;
  • Use directly on your skin as you would a wash cloth or loofah.

Soap Bag

SKU: 364215375135205
  • Leave soap in bag, rinse, and hang in a dry place to air dry between uses.

    When bag needs cleaning remove soap and wash in the laundry on low/cold, then lay flat to dry.

  • We are currently unable to accept returns and issue refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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