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Soap Making Class - Level 1

Our next soap-making class is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, and we cannot wait!!!

On this page you will find a video with important class information, what you can expect to learn, and some safety information for the day of class. 

To register for a soap class, please go to:


Well, isn't that just the prettiest of still shots- Vogue here I come, hah!! 
Please note, the above video has old dates in it as it was recorded for our first class. I attempted to re-record but had kids running in and out, throwing product on the floor, and it was chaos... Soooo here we are! All the information in the video is still accurate aside from the dates; the information repeated below is reflective of current dates.

Welcome to our Intro to Soap-Making class! We are delighted to have you and to share with you the art of soap-making. Soap-making is in some ways an art lost to the ages. It used to be that everyone made their own soap; this was a skill handed down from generation to generation. With modernization, industrialization, and a shift in culture that found more women working outside of the home, the skill of soap-making began to be left behind as more people chose to purchase this household item in stores rather than making it themselves. In this class, along with making your own customized log of soap (equal to 10 1" thick bars), you will learn more about soap-making theory, and the science behind saponification. 

Things to bring:

- Please wear older clothes that are okay to be soiled or an apron, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes;

- A cardboard box about the size of a banker's box, and an old towel/blanket to line the box with. The lined box must be able to accommodate your soap mold (3.5"x3.25"11") to be taken home with you at the end of the class. We will demonstrate how to unmold and cut your soap so that you can complete this step at home about 24-36 hours later. 

We will provide:

- Your soap mold (please keep this mold and do not use it for any other purposes if you would like to take another class with us down the road. When we announce future classes please reach out and we will provide a discounted price for those of you who bring your mold to be reused in those classes;

- Personal protective equipment: safety glasses (they will be the type that can fit over regular glasses if needed), and latex-free gloves;

- All ingredients and soap-making supplies

- Class waiver

Please ensure that you have submitted payment via e-transfer to confirm your registration within 24 hours, or contact us via email, Instagram, or Facebook messenger to make alternative payment arrangements. 

Location: June Bug Art Studio: 712 4th Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A0L2

See you soon!

Chelsey & Eileen

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