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Shey and Lyna: Christmas Gift Guide

Where do you start when you have no idea what to get?!

Christmas shopping can be tough; you have all of these people you want to purchase gifts for, but have no idea where to start! Well, this Christmas I’d like to help give you a starting point.

1. For your favourite guy

I can’t be the only one who goes through this every year. Searching malls and markets, high and low to find little things for his Christmas stocking; things that he’ll actually USE this year instead of knick-knacks that just pile up in junk drawers or his truck. Sure, they’re thoughtful. Maybe they’re even sentimental and sweet! But if he isn’t going to use it, is it just a waste of money? Probably.

I have some simple ideas for you:

Soap Bag: These nifty little guys are great and so useful for both saving your soap bar so it lasts longer, and helping to scrub out the dirt, oil or grime he picks up through out his day.

Shea Butter Soap Bar: These bars are formulated to help hydrate the skin, so even if he doesn’t love using hand or body lotion his skin will get still get a little extra help this winter. Try one of these scents – they’re husband approved! Winter Pine, Purify, Breathe.

Lip Balm: Everyone appreciates a good lip balm, especially when the weather turns cold! Try one of our Lip Balms, maybe in Candy Cane or Citrus.

Pictured: Purify Soap Bar, Soap Bag, and Candy Cane Lip Balm (Est. Value $21+gst)

2. For her

Finding the perfect gift for the lady in your life can be challenging. Here’s a starting point for you! Skin pampering products are a great option and believe it or not clean, healthy skin care products CAN be affordable! Give a combination of these products a try, or send us a message on Instagram or an email ( and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice for her.

Shea Butter Soap Bar: a soap bar like this very popular Lavender Rose is soothing, moisturizing, skin nourishing and the perfect starting point. Pair it with a Solid Cedar Wood Soap Dish to store the soap bar and allow it to dry between uses; or a Loofah Shower Pad for her to use in the shower/bath to lather, gently exfoliate and help that soap bar last longer because one of these will allow her to use less product.

Bath Bomb: If she is a bath lover, she will LOVE a Lavender Bath Bomb! It pairs beautifully with the Lavender Rose soap and is creamy, foamy, and oh-so soothing and relaxing!

Emulsified Sugar Scrub: An emulsified sugar scrub is different than a regular sugar scrub because when rubbed into damp skin the oils combine with the water droplets to create a creamy rinse-off lotion while the sugar dissolves after exfoliating the skin. Our Black Currant Vanilla Emulsified Sugar Scrub is created with a sweet, fruity, warm scent – we’re BIG fans over here!

You can either leave it here, or add on a luxurious Whipped Body Butter: Whipped body butter is deeply hydrating and also works by sealing in the moisturizing oils and butters, that contributes to longer lasting, super soft skin. We’ve paired the Black Currant Vanilla Emulsified Sugar Scrub with a Black Currant Vanilla Whipped Body Butter.

3. For the work gift exchange

Okay. You’ve got a work Christmas party to attend and you need to find the perfect thing for the gift exchange. You don’t want to go too generic and look like you grabbed the first thing you saw on the drugstore shelf, right?

Give this a try: Pick out a Shea Butter Soap Bar (we’d suggest either a Christmas scent like our new Eggnog Latte, Winter Pine, Orange Spice or Candy Cane; or one of our top sellers like Honey and Oats, Breathe or Mojito) and pair it with a Solid Cedar Wood Soap Dish. You’re done! You’ve found a great gift that could work for almost anyone, and you stayed under that $25 gift limit. Good job! Now you can relax and enjoy that Christmas party.

Pictured: Breathe Soap Bar and Solid Cedar Soap Dish (Est. Value $22+gst)

4. For the teachers, the helpers, the ones who deserve an extra “THANK YOU!” this holiday

Looking for a little something to say “thank you” to your little one’s teacher, day home provider, favourite school aid? Maybe there’s someone else you’ve been thinking of and want to show your appreciation for this season; your neighbour who is a healthcare worker, your family doctor who takes such good care of your family, the person who cleans your house every other week to take the pressure off your busy schedule. Whoever it is that you’d like to thank, we’ve got ideas for a meaningful, useful gift:

Soap Bag: We’ve talked about these. They’re SO useful, functional, easy to use and pretty!

Shea Butter Soap Bar: Pick out whichever bar speaks to you! One great option is our new Eggnog Latte! It’s fun, it’s seasonal, it’s warm – it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Lip Balm: Finish your gift off with one of our seasonal Candy Cane Lip Balm or check out our other lip balm flavours here.

Pictured: Eggnog Latte Soap Bar, Soap Bag, Candy Cane Lip Balm (Est. Value $21+gst)

5. For the one who deserves to be pampered

For the one who works so hard and deserves to be pampered with an at home spa night, here are some things to get you started!

Loofah Shower Pad: Start with a Loofah to cleanse and prep the skin

Shea Butter Soap Bar: Pick out a Shea Butter Soap Bar to use with the loofah to gently cleanse while nourishing the skin. We love our Cuppa Joe feat. Madhatter Roastery, made with coffee beans from local roasters – The Mad Hatter Roastery.

Emulsified Sugar Scrub: Like we said earlier, an emulsified sugar scrub is super luxurious because when you rub it into damp skin the oils combine with the water droplets to create a creamy rinse-off lotion while the sugar dissolves after exfoliating the skin. Try our very popular Hot Cocoa Emulsified Sugar Scrub or new Candy Cane Emulsified Sugar Scrub!

Whipped Body Butter: Follow up with our Hot Cocoa Whipped Body Butter or Candy Cane Whipped Body Butter to seal in moisture and hydrate while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.

Top it off with a lip balm, like this Cardamom Coffee Lip Balm or Hot Cocoa Lip Balm!

Pictured: Cuppa Joe Soap Bar, Loofah, Hot Cocoa Scrub, Hot Cocoa Butter, Cardamom Coffee Lip Balm (Est. Value $49+gst)

6. Stocking Stuffers

Stockings… You want to be thoughtful. You want to fill them with something useful. What do you do? Try these:

Pick out a Shea Butter Soap Bar that fits their personality or scent preferences

And add a Lip Balm or a bath bomb if they’re a bath tub lover (like our Honey and Oats Bath Bomb or Lavender Milk Bath Bomb)

And that’s it! Now move on to the treats, like chocolate or locally roasted coffee beans!

Pictured: Honey and Oats Soap Bar, Loofah, Soap Bag, Lip Balm (Est. Value $21+gst)

7. For the lover of all things CHRISTMAS

And last, but certainly not least, a set for the Christmas lover! We had a lot of fun coming up with our Christmas scents this year, and even though things don’t always go the way we expect we’re SO happy with how everything turned out!

Try building a set like this one for the Christmas lover in your life:

A Hot Cocoa Emulsified Sugar Scrub and Hot Cocoa Whipped Body Butter; or new Candy Cane Emulsified Sugar Scrub and Whipped Body Butter! Not a fan of body butter? We've got you covered with our new Christmas hand and body lotions, in Candy Cane and Eggnog Latte

And tie it all together with a Solid Cedar Wood Soap Dish and Soap Bag

Pictured: Candy Cane, Eggnog Latte and Winter Pine Soap Bars, Solid Cedar Soap Dish, Hot Cocoa Scrub and Butter, Candy Cane Lip Balm, Soap Bag (Est. Value $81+gst)

There you have it, folks!! I hope this gift guide helps you to find a starting point if you’re stuck. Play with it! Change things up, try different scents, and make it your own.

Merry Christmas!

-Chelsey xo


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